Paste for immediate implantation and

of minor and
multi-walled bone defects

The hydrogel does not harden during and after the application. Thanks to its properties, the paste remains in the defect with stable volume, until complete absorption.

Its composition is based on the knowledge of bone biology: the proven synthetic CERASORB granules are now available in a matrix of hyaluronic acid that promotes healing. Pre-filled syringe: bone regeneration material in paste ready for injection. CERASORB, with more than 15 years of clinical use and an interconnected porosity system, is a guide for the formation of new bone structure. Thanks to its synthetic production, there is no risk of immunological reactions or infections as it can happen for materials of human or animal origin. The granules will be completely absorbed, in parallel to the formation of new bone. In all studies, the CERASORB paste has shown high biocompatibility. Simultaneously with the formation of bone tissue, the β-TCP particles and carrier substances are completely reabsorbed.


3/4 walled parodontal and osseous defects


Easy and quick application


It is applied directly on the defect with the syringe.
Mixing with blood or other fluids is not necessary.

CERASORB paste is applied by the pre-filled syringe in an easy and fast way that allows you to reach even more difficult areas.  With the complete filling of the defect, the paste has an excellent large contact surface with the surrounding healthy bone.

Method 1

Remove the cap with the Luer Lock adapter to apply the paste directly with the syringe.

Method 2

A Syringe with Luer Lock adapter for the cannula application in areas that are difficult to reach.


Complete bone


Complete reabsorption of CERASORB granules and hyaluronic acid. Restoration of the healthy bone. CERASORB granules and hyaluronic acid are completed destroyed and replaced by autologous bone. According to the results of some new studies, the hyaluronic acid also promotes stem-cell differentiation in osteoblasts and has an anti-inflammatory effect. In two studies involving rabbits, the CERASORB paste has been completely analyzed. In both the studies, already after 6 months, the bone structure has been totally restored. The defect filled with CERASORB paste heals properly, on the contrary not treated defect is still empty after months. In another study, CERASORB paste has been used on ewes to treat a scapula defect. After 6 months there was a bone regeneration of the defect and after 12 months the original cancellous bone has been fully restored. After 6 months the defect has been restored with bone tissue and the remodelling is constant to get back to the original bone structure. In newly formed bone, there are still remains of ß-tricalcium phosphate in a state of advanced degradation, so surrounded by bone tissue, with excellent bone contact. After 12 months the defect is regenerated with bone tissue and the restoration of the original bone structure has occurred. The β-TCP has been totally reabsorbed. 


Pre-filled syringe, Cerasorb M synthetic granules in a matrix of hyaluronic acid that promotes tissue healing. Completely reabsorbed. Radiopaque.

Syringe 0,5 cc, Syringe 1 cc


Pre-filled syringe. Mixing with blood or other fluids is not necessary.

0,5 cc
1 cc


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