Making the
bone harvesting

a handy procedure

The experience has acquired in developing bone harvesting systems Safescraper has allowed the realization of Micross: a throwaway minimally invasive disposable device indicated in case of manual cortical bone harvesting. The excellent cutting performance, due to Micross exclusive micro-blade, allows an easy autologous collection even in narrow and hard to reach areas, near to the bone defect. The manual harvesting technique warrants the best preservation of cell vitality of the cortical tissue, a fundamental characteristic that allows the best graft integration and reduces reabsorption activity.


Allows to get easily and so minimally invasive cortical bone autograft
Used pure or mixed with synthetic or animal particles
Technical picking tunnel
Restricted areas

The only instrument for the Tunnel harvesting technique Micross is the only bone harvesting device specifically studied for tunnel surgical techniques that minimize post-operation discomfort. The external diameter of the cannula is 5mm and due to its particular shape, the instrument can be inserted in tissue tunnels in the intraoral area as the external oblique line, the cortical palatine and the zygomatic process.
Clinical application, Micross allows the harvest of the strictly necessary measure of bone tissue for the treatment of minor periodontal and peri-implant defects, permitting to avoid the use of bone substitutes. By using Micross the bone tissue is directly collected in the chamber inside the cannula and it gets excellent biological plasticity, because of the presence of coagulated blood. 

Benefits of a single-use blade with semicircular design:
The volumizing effect, due to the curly morphology of the collection, reduces the quantity of bone needed to fill the defect and as a consequence, it minimizes invasiveness for the patient.


Sterile single use, external diameter 5mm

Pack: 1 piece


A mini-invasive device, easy even in restricted areas. Levy for tunnel techniques that minimize the inconvenience to the patient.

Bone chips.

Single use device in sterile single package.
Sterility for 3 years unopened.

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