Parasorb® hd cone

Cones formulated from equine collagen

with or without antibiotic protection

Parasorb® HD Cone and Genta-Coll® are supplied sterile packed and are available in the following package sizes: MK10 Genta-Coll® HD Cone [10 cones] • ø1.2 cm, h 1.6 cm MK11 Genta-Coll® HD Cone [5 cones] • ø1.2 cm, h 1.6 cm DK-10101 Parasorb® HD Cone [10 cones] • ø1.2 cm, h 1.6 cm

Following an extraction, the alveolus may not heal optimally without certain treatments. This can lead to an insufficient reformation of bone tissue for secure implant placement, and immediate retreat of the alveolar ridge. It is, therefore, necessary that the alveolar ridge is reconstructed before an implant is installed.


Socket Preservation
Alveolus protection, filling and treatment

1. Safe, rapid homeostasis. No risk of secondary haemorrhage. Stabilisation of the blood clot with optional antibiotic protection for patients at risk (e.g. smokers, patients with diabetes, patients with compromised immunity).

2. Reduction of atrophy in the alveolar ridge. Stabilization of the alveoli and preservation of the vestibular lamella. Maintenance of volume in the alveolar process Improved long-term aesthetic outcome and functionality.

3. Reliable bone regeneration. Defined matrix for regeneration. Angioconductive and osteoconductive. Formation of stable bone support for implant in a relatively short timescale. Greater confidence of positive longterm aesthetic outcome and functionality.

4. High levels of patient and practitioner satisfaction.Simple, safe application. Simplification of later treatment phases. Increased patient comfort.


Equine collagen cones with antibiotic.

Pack: 10 cones


Quick and safe homeostasis
Clot stabilization with antibiotic protection
Better aesthetic results
Reducing atrophy of the alveolar ridge

10 cones


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