Adjuvant gel,

Medical device

Indicated for Re-epithelisation process and oral mucosa repair

Hobagel Plus is an innovative and efficient gel that can create a protective, antiseptic and regenerating film on soft tissues and oral cavity. Thanks to an exclusive patent, its remarkable biodiversity generates long-lasting and clinically evident therapeutic effects.The additional use of Hobagel PLUS in surgical and non-surgical ordinary treatments performed by the dentist provides significant clinical benefits.

Hobagel Plus

The additional use of HOBAGEL PLUS in surgical and non-surgical ordinary treatments performed by the dentist provides significant clinical benefits

Hobagel +



Within a few days, a soothing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action can be observed in cases of periodontitis, evidenced by the rapid improvement of Plaque Index (-10% compared to those who did not use the gel) and by a great reduction of Bleeding Index (-35%).

Hobagel +

Oral surgery


The use of Hobagel PLUS after extractive surgery facilitates healing for the first intent of sutured tissues after one week in 71% of cases (only 54% of them with chlorhexidine gel) while reducing the pain and functional discomfort of the patient. The antiseptic effect of Hobagel PLUS is similar to that of chlorhexidine.

Hobagel +

In oral thrush treatment


The application of Hobagel PLUS on active thrush injuries can give immediate or at least in the first day of use pain relief in 61% of the cases. In more than 50% of cases, the thrush injury heals by the third day of application.

Hobagel +



Hobagel PLUS in non-surgical treatments of peri-implantitis can reduce the progressive inflammatory state: the peri-implantitis average depth decreases by about 33% in a short time. In six weeks, the average Plaque Index declines from 55% to 30%; the Bleeding Index from 90% to 16%.

Peri-implant mucositis: probing depth 5mm

Hobagel Plus
in site

After 6 weeks:
probing depth 3mm

Hobagel Plus

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