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Professor Massimo Simion chairs the iRES® International Scientific Board and he will not only focus on research and innovation for the development of new products, but he will oversee scientific activity and Continuing Education.


iRES® organizes and promotes a wide range of scientific and educational learning activities and in-depth studies, involving all the roles from just graduated to the Academic Professor. University Masters, basic and advanced oral surgery courses at our Visiting Centers, cultural evenings and multicentric scientific studies are just a few examples of our extensive Continuing Education program. IRES® also manages and coordinates the promotion of these activities through the drafting and the publication of scientific articles in the most important scientific journals in the sector. The activation and development of new e-learning multimedia channels represent a new goal for iRES® within the extensive Continuing Education program.

Not only quality products, but also High-Level Scientific Courses and Programmes related to the scientific aspect of dentistry.


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