Implant libraries

for guided surgery

An implant library kit is provided for free to all iRES® clients to produce bridges, abutments, screwed-on structures, bars. These libraries can be installed on all the main modelling software (provided with implant module) and have different features:

Modelling of the angled screw channel on all implant design variants (crowns, bridges, screwed and bonding technique).

Wide choice of options on projects for bonding technique: titanium base height, screw hole diameter, the possibility of tilting the screw channel, different coupling tolerances between titanium base and prosthetic part.

• The actual position of the analog for the design of digital models to be produced in 3D printing.

Real implant connections for direct milling abutment in the laboratory.


Implant libraries


209.5 Mb


31.0 Mb

Dental Wings®

97.1 Mb


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