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An innovative system that combines laser diode (HLLT) and a photoactive solution

Fixlite® patent

FixLite® stimulates an antimicrobial reaction through the use of a laser diode and a photoactive solution. It was created to detoxify and biostimulate gum tissue and bone tissue. The system has been made for daily use and to treat mucositis, gingivitis, peri-implantitis, periodontal disease, abscesses, to improve the safety of the post-extraction implant process, to manage secondary intention flaps closure, to clean the alveoli, to assist the regeneration of both hard and soft tissue, and to manage surgical complications caused by bacterial inflammation. FixLite® system is easy to understand thanks to the programs and rigid protocols. It also acts on all tissues and implant surfaces. The system can be implemented for soft tissue surgery, endodontics, prosthesis, whitening and other functions.


An innovative solution with anti-microbial and biostimulation properties. FixLite®’s precise patented formula is an industrial secret.


Main features


• Compact laser unit 14 cm (l) x 15 cm (h) x 24cm (d) with 4.3 “color chart” screen
• Interchangeable tips
• Multi-tip handpiece
• USB port
• Customized software featuring 5 pre-set clinical programs for treating:
1. Peri-implantitis
2. Regeneration
3. Periodontal decontamination
4. Light biostimulation
5. Medium biostimulation


Patented technique


An example of photodynamic therapy, which is to say the deactivation of cells, microorganisms or molecules using high-intensity light (HLLT, High-Level Laser Therapy), rather than heat, employing a DIODE laser to achieve deep penetration of tissues. Using this laser in combination with the patented solution enables: A) maximal penetration; the wavelengths used can penetrate up to 2 cm into gingival and osseous tissues. B) the avoidance of thermal effect, due to low average power. C) effective antimicrobial action and biostimulation of tissues thanks to the properties of the patented solution. D) the production of singlet oxygen thanks to the use of high frequencies. It is a well-documented technique that has been used in the dental sector for more than 15 years. For the treatment of peri-implantitis, Periodontitis, bone regeneration and enhanced biostimulation of tissue.




The laser diode stimulates detoxification, microbe elimination and biostimulation processes, even at depth. HLLT therapy guarantees elevated levels of tissue decontamination compared to the superficial effects of the LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) currently on the market. FixLite® solution is highly effective for three reasons: a) it is transparent and does not impede the effects of the laser. b) it produces antimicrobial effects and detoxifies without the use of a colouring agent. c) it penetrates deeply, achieving enhanced levels of detoxification. The system is safe and follows protocols based on 15 years of documented use. Free specific training for medical practitioners.


For treatment
and cure of


• Peri-implantitis
• Periodontitis
• Mucositis
• Abscesses
• Gingivitis
• Detoxification before the surgery
• Anti-microbial protection following cyst removal
• Biostimulation of tissues to promote regeneration.




The solution is packed in 4 strips composed of 5 single-use vials, the capacity of 1.5 ml each. Each strip is for complete patient therapy.


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