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To reduce risk variables

in implantology


Surface treatment
Hyaluronic acid

Friction Fit

Connection with
1° angle on the abutment


Patented product, medical device for the sealing of implant tunnel

Hobagel Plus

Adjuvant gel
medical device

HYHA implant
Hybrid HA implant
This innovative surface treatment does not affect the roughness of materials and it speeds up the osseointegration process. Biochemical changes in the implant surface Ti (BMTIS). Partial surface treatment with hyaluronic acid on the implant. Cold plasma decontamination. Biochemical methods of surface modification strive to use the current understanding of biology and biochemistry of cellular function and differentiation. “Biochemical surface modification uses critical organic components of bone to affect tissue response”. The goal of biochemical modifications is to immobilize proteins, enzymes or peptides on devices surfaces for the purpose of inducing specific cell and tissue responses.
HYHA implant
Friction Fit connection
Friction Fit connection
Prosthetic components with Friction Fit connection and 1° degree cone, have been developed for S1B, S1TN, SVB and NHSI implant systems with internal hex. This connection ensures a “cold fusion” between implant and abutment if the retaining screw has been tightened at 30 Ncm. It eliminates micro-movements and reduces bacterial infiltration between implant and abutment.
Friction Fit connection
SilverPlug® is a medical device designed to seal the implant tunnel and made by a polymer containing Silver Zeolite. SilverPlug® considerably reduces the percentage of anaerobic bacteria, the most pathogenic bacteria for peri-implants tissue. The reduction of bacteria contamination preserves surrounding soft tissue from inflammatory processes. Silver is generally used as an antiseptic agent in medical topical gels and in bandages in order to reduce the bacterial load and promote healing (Wilkinson et al. 2011). A recent study shows the potential effect of a silver-based gum (SilverPlug®) in terms of reducing the total bacterial amount and the percentage of anaerobic bacteria in the inner space of the fixture (Rasperini et al. 2012).
Hobagel Plus
Hobagel Plus
Hobagel Plus is an innovative and efficient gel that creates a protective, antiseptic and regenerating film on soft tissues and oral cavity. Thanks to an exclusive patent, its remarkable biodiversity generates long-lasting and clinically evident therapeutic effects. The additional use of Hobagel PLUS in surgical and non-surgical ordinary treatments performed by the dentist provides significant clinical benefits.
Hobagel Plus

How to fight


We present FixLite®


The news in dentistry

with HLLT Technology

An innovative system that combines laser diode (HLLT) and a photoactive solution

Fixlite® patent

FixLite® stimulates an antimicrobial reaction by combining two products, a laser diode and a photoactive solution. FixLite® was developed for the detoxification and biostimulation of gingival and osseous tissues. FixLite® is designed for everyday use in the treatment of mucositis, gingivitis, peri-implantitis, periodontitis and abscesses, in order to improve the safety of post-extraction implant process, to manage secondary intention surgical wound closure, to clean the alveoli, to assist the regeneration of both hard and soft tissue, and to manage surgical complications caused by bacterial inflammation. FixLite® is a ready-to-use device, immediately upon supply and is intended for decontamination, regeneration, peri-implantitis, and medium and light biostimulation. The FixLite® system can be preset for specific functions thanks to the programs and rigid protocols loaded into the system. Furthermore, it is effective on all tissue types and implant surfaces. FixLite® is also supplied ready for use in soft tissue surgery, endodontics, whitening and various other treatments.


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