Gold standard



After the surface treatment, the implants are cleaned to remove processing residues by washing them with solvents and then subjecting them to a process of surface decontamination with cold plasma (Argon).

The partially ionized Argon atoms (inert gas) act as an additional atomic sand-blasting that promotes the removal of organic contaminants and activates the ionization of surface atoms of titanium, improving the wettability of the implant. The treatment conditions adopted on shape1 implants offer the best characteristics considered important, according to the state of current knowledge*, in the processes of implant healing, both in terms of surface morphology and in terms of chemical composition (surface cleaning). Plasma cleaning, packaging in a controlled environment, the absolute respect of “clean” procedures, quality control tests during the manufacturing process, play a fundamental role in the control of adherent endotoxins (biological cleaning), the main agent of the immunological response to implant surfaces.

* Valutazione del rapporto tra costo e qualità della pulizia superficiale di alcuni sistemi implantari in commercio Marco Morra, Clara Cassinelli, Giovanna Cascardo, Daniele Bollati. M. Morra, C.Cassinelli, Evaluation of Surface Contamination of Titanium Dental Implants by Lu-Sem: Comparation with XPS Mesurements Surface and Interface Analysts, Vol. 25, 983-984 (1997).



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