The new generation

digital platform

iRES® SmartGuide® is an innovative and personalized solution for the entire clinical team that maintains strong ties with the dentistry of the future. iRES® offers dentists a valid system that meets all the patient’s requirements through adequate and personalized solutions planned and achieved using the wide and modern
range of Cad Cam technologies combined with certified materials and executed with absolute excellence. The iRES® system guarantees the right solution for every need, from computer-assisted surgery with all the necessary required computer tools to all components for an individual prosthesis with 5 axes machine tools with which you can carry out complex individualized geometries with perfect results, and all this through only one source. 

The dentist develops his or her simple treatment plan with a few simple steps thanks to iRES® SmartGuide®, if necessary by combining his or her requisites with our Tutor to achieve personalized assistance.

With SmartGuide® you have multiple benefits for both doctor and patient



User friendly

and affordable

SmartGuide®: user-friendly software, affordable, cutting-edge system for quick, smooth operating results swift and non-traumatic surgery. iRES® offers a new surgery system using SmartGuide®. iRES® aims at furnishing the professional with an easy and intuitive system that provides both greater accuracy in positioning implants and substantially reduced operating time, thus at once rendering the surgery as un-traumatic as possible.

Costs are truly contained. iRES® delivers an overall system that includes: diagnostic software and surgical/prosthetic planning, creation of the surgical mask, and the surgical kit including all drills calibrated by diameter for all lengths. The system uses a single sleeve for all diameters. The software is user-friendly. After loading the CAT and completion of the surgical and prosthetic planning phase, the file and the patient’s impressions are sent to our drilling centre which, in 72 hours (not including delivery time), supplies a surgical mask and upon request the plastic model with the analogs already inserted, on which the prosthesis can be constructed.

Multiple advantages

of SmartGuide®




SmartGuide® Software provides the best way to determine a safe and exact position for implants in the dental arches starting from a CAT joined to the optical scans of the patient’s prosthetic data. Thus a thorough and accurate image of the patient’s anatomy can be obtained and used for planning and treatment thanks to a simple, intuitive and interactive virtual environment. Simulations of any type of plan for skeletal, mucosal, dental or post-extraction procedures can be carried out.


Surgical masks


Surgical masks are created by completely automatic processes using data export and modern, rapid prototype technology 3D printers, including the production of work models complete with copies of the implants inserted. These are indispensable for the creation of immediately usable prostheses. The surgical masks are heat sterilized thanks to the material with which they are constructed which withstands temperatures above 150° C.


Guided surgery kit


The specifically milled surgical kit was specially designed to allow the surgeon to insert the implants into the correct space and on the correct directional axis as projected through planning with the Smartguide® software.


Immediate loading prosthesis


The immediate loading prosthesis is made at the iRES® Center Cad Cam and delivered directly in its packing which includes the content complete with a copy of the doctor’s order. iRES® scrupulously observes specific, time-tested production protocols. The material used is ‘chew-proof’ and coated in the most up-to-date aesthetic finishings, certified and guaranteeing no micro-movements of the prosthesis, its maintenance over time, and its aesthetic aspect. The ‘ready to wear’ prosthesis combined with the complete surgical procedure provides a valid alternative to traditional surgery, less invasive and more conducive to the insertion of implants and the application of the prosthesis in a one step process. For the patient, this means a completely pain-free procedure and the delivery of aesthetic denture in just one sitting. Upon the doctor’s request, iRES® can furnish the physician with the production of prosthetic components in diverse ranges of materials, thus offering a full-service range of materials.


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