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Sterilization &


To preserve its integrity, the dental implant is housed in a vertical position inside a titanium cylinder anchored, using the closing cap, to the respective vial made of borosilicate glass for pharmaceutical use, complying with the European Pharmacopoeia in force*. This vial ensures the neutrality of the primary packaging due to the absence of release of contaminants during the sterilization phase. It is inserted in a blister of transparent polyglass sealed with heat-sealing lacquer-based Tyvek and packed in a cardboard box that also contains the instructions for use and the labels for the patient records, on which are printed the data that allow product traceability (code and batch number). All the product packaging materials have been tested, approved and certified. Implants are supplied sterile, in a pack that allows their stability to be guaranteed for 5 years. The sterilization process is performed with gamma rays respecting the standards in force by qualified suppliers who use automated, safe and reliable systems, with continuous microbiological monitoring of the process.


European Pharmacopeia, current edition, 3.2.1 Glass containers for pharmaceutical use.



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