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for oral surgery

iRES® dynamic and flexible company sensitive to the needs of Professionals, offers a complete range of products for oral surgery: regenerative materials, implant systems, guided surgery, custom prosthesis, 
high-level scientific courses and programs with popular Key Opinion Leaders. We want to combine practical experience and scientific knowledge to facilitate procedures and improve performance, to provide an innovative product concept. This is all possible Thanks to a highly professional staff with more than
30 years of experience in the dental field
. The sales system, based on a Continuing Education, involves all Professionals in our scientific programs. Customer satisfaction is our mission.
High quality meets advanced technology to provide an innovative product concept and economically sustainable solutions.

Vision & Mission

Research &

The selection of gold standards in the industry, simplification of systems and procedures, reduction in the number of components.


Continuing Education

“We do not only provide High-Quality products, but also High-Level Courses and Programs related to the scientific aspect of dentistry”.

iRES® organizes and coordinates a wide range of scientific and educational activities and in-depth studies, involving all roles within the dental field, from just graduated to the Academic Professor. University Masters, basic and advanced oral surgery courses at our Visiting Centers, cultural evenings and multi-centric scientific studies are just a few examples of our intensive Continuing Education program. IRES® also coordinates the promotion of these activities through the drafting and the publication of scientific articles in the most important scientific journals of the sector. The activation and development of new e-Learning multimedia channels represent a new goal for iRES® within the intensive Continuing Education program.


Professor Massimo Simion chairs the iRES® International Scientific Board and he will not only focus on research and innovation for the development of new products, but he will oversee all the scientific activities and Continuing Education program.

Prof. Massimo Simion


Dr. Muammer Gozlu


Prof. Wojtowicz Andrzej


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Why us?

iRES® pays special attention to detailsCustomer Satisfaction is our Mission.
High quality meets advanced technology to provide an innovative product concept
and economically sustainable solutions.

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